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3 Weeks With the 3volution ROM

September 23rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
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And it’s awesome!

This is just a quick post to confirm what a number of people already know — the 3volution ROM for the Dash 3G is solid. I’ve used and abused the phone for 3 weeks now and it is still fast, clean, and stable. The only bug I’ve found so far is that the Fn key doesn’t work in the Skyfire browser, if you’ve clicked a link in an e-mail to launch it. It works fine if you start the browser on its own. Weird.

But otherwise I can say that Windows Mobile 6.5 looks and performs great. The other day I realized that as I was walking to work, I was running Pandora, connected to my bluetooth headphones, Google Maps was running with Latitude turned on, I had Nimbuzz and GV Dialer running in the background, and I was sending and receiving e-mail on an Exchange account and a Google Apps account. And the phone didn’t even slow down when I switched screens. I am impressed. Together, the Dash 3G and the 3volution ROM are a fantastic pair.

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  1. Nunu
    November 17th, 2009 at 15:30 | #1

    I installed the newest version of ookba’s 3volution rom, I would have to agree 100% with you. Windows mobile 6.1 that came with the phone was really ugly and not very functional, I thought of returning the phone, but now, I am keeping it. I am starting to setup voip on it (I didn’t get any voice plans, thank goodness for tmobile, they don’t require one! unlike the other carriers). Internet explorer is still really weak for a mobile browser, skyfire is an awesome product, so fast due to the way it works, and plays flash files! I setup a wifi hotspot with the phone using WMwifirouter, the interface is real nice, and it worked without a hitch with having to tweak anything. It is $30 dollars, but if it works without having to fiddle with it, it’s worth it to me, I can hookup my laptop, ipaq, ipod to it, all at the same time, I do connect to 3g network, download about .5 mb/s, not terribly bad, but may get better when they turn up their new hdpa network.

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