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Dash 3G – Quick Impressions of 3volution ROM

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It’s been one day since I flashed my phone with a “cooked” (custom) ROM that I found on XDA-Developers. And so far I have no regrets.

3volution Homescreen

3volution Homescreen

ROM chef “ookba” did an excellent job on this package, including some very clean and tasteful themes for the phone. I normally find most phone themes so cluttered and distracting that the first thing I do is set the background to a simple, plain black. But the default “Islands” wallpaper on this ROM is actually so nice I want to keep it. And it passed the ultimate test … my wife saw it and said that she’d like to flash to this ROM just for the look of it. And, perhaps greatest of all, as you can see in the homescreen picture to the right, there are some decent colored battery, signal, and other icons baked right in! I don’t have to spend another day with those shitty white icons that ship with the default Windows Mobile ROMs.

Once installed, it only took me about an hour to reinstall all my software and get my mail accounts set back up. I have to say, using an Exchange server at work for my primary contacts manager is a blessing, as is Google Apps’ support of IMAP4. Long gone are the days of losing mail that was saved to your handheld. It takes only 5 minutes to completely rebuild my mailboxes from the server. Add to that my Google Apps Calendar for personal use and my Exchange calendar, and my life is back under control within 15 minutes of wiping my phone.

Cool Tools

Cool Tools

Windows Mobile 6.5 added some nice features, and chef ookba made sure that critical system things were accessible. Like putting Internet Connection Sharing right on the main app list (it works — one of the first things I checked). He has also added several tools to allow easy management of the look of the ROM as well as several useful 3rd party apps that you would normally need to add separately to a default WinMo installation. Eight of them are shown on this capture of the Tools menu. Especially nice is the implementation of the “Titanium” homescreen architecture, which really advances the look and feel of the phone light years beyond the standard Windows Mobile homescreen and well beyond even the sliding panels in WinMo 6.5.

So, the bottom line after 1 day – the phone works perfectly after flashing, the ROM looks and works well, and I am very happy I took the plunge. More information as I dig deeper into the ROM and use it for daily work.

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