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Flashing ookba’s 3volution ROM Part 1 – Installing HardSPL Fix

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This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 3volution ROM

OK … I could be spending Labor Day shopping at T-Mobile to replace my $350 brick if this goes horribly wrong. But, I think ookba’s ROM has reached the point of reasonable stability. So I’m willing to give it a shot. This will be a play-by-play — you can live or die along with me!

Why Am I Flashing?

This is an incomplete answer. Partly, just because I can. There really isn’t that much wrong with the stock WM 6.1 ROM. Unlike my previous Wing, there is no major memory leak affecting performance. The T-Mobile ROM also doesn’t have too much bloatware which can’t be turned off — dumping the MyFaves display is pretty simple for example.

I guess part of me wants to move to WM 6.5 simply because I expected it to be released by now and I expected that new phones released during the summer would have it. Also since Microsoft has finally confirmed that 6.5 will be released this month, I expect that most 3rd-party programs will support it so there shouldn’t be that much risk in switching. So — we’ll see how it goes.

Background Parameters

Phone Info:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard
  • OS Rev: 5.2.21048 (Build 21048.1.6.3)
  • Radio Version 61.25t.25.19U_3.44.25.30
  • RIL Version 2.002
  • ROM Version: 1.17.531.5 (50264)
  • ROM Date: 06/03/09
  • Protocol Version: 61.25t.25.19U

Flashing Computer Info:

  • Model: Dell Studio 1735
  • OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1)

If your system parameters differ by much, good luck.

Flashing Steps

  1. Read, re-read, and re-re-read ookba’s tutorial about flashing and unbricking your phone: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=551959
  2. Read, re-read, and re-re-read the HardSPL flashing instructions at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=550620
  3. Fully charge phone battery over night!
  4. Remove SIM and SD cards.
  5. Power device on.
  6. Bypass missing SIM error screen (hit DONE).
  7. Connect to PC and allow ActiveSync to connect (I actually don’t sync my phone via ActiveSync, so I always choose “Connect without setting up device” . Allow any additional programs to finish communicating (for example, one of my PC Corel photo programs “sees” the pictures on the device when it’s connected. Let this finish.)
  8. Download and unzip 1.17 Hard SPL patch. (I created a folder on the desktop to hold the files.)
  9. Disable firewall software on PC! It’s bad enough that the Vista User Access Control pops up as programs run … having more warnings or possible interruptions due to virus/firewall programs just makes this worse.
  10. Execute ‘auto.bat’ and follow directions on PC screen — hit any key as requested.
  11. Screen on phone pops up warning about untrusted software. Hit Yes and then click trackball on the next screen (there is an OK button that is partly obscured on our screen — you need to hit OK to continue).
  12. Phone goes blank for about 30 seconds.
  13. ROM Update Start Screen

    ROM Update Start Screen

  14. Rom Update Utility pops up on PC.
  15. Check box and hit next:
  16. Second update screen appears. Verify that you have the device connected, etc. and hit NEXT.
  17. You’ll see the progress screen warning that the update might take 10 minutes … it won’t (we’re not installing a complete ROM, just the SPL fix). After just a few seconds, the bar is at 100% and you are done.
  18. Install Complete

    Install Complete

After this step is complete you should verify that the SPL version is correct before you continue trying to flash a custom ROM. To do this, enter the bootloader (with phone off, hold Volume Up on side and power on) and see what’s listed on the tri-colored bootloader screen.

The text you want to see flashes by in less than a second, and is the first line in yellow at the top of the screen. You can enter the bootloader without continuing and wiping your phone clean, so don’t worry too much about this step. What you want to see is the string: “1.17.HARD” at the end of this line. If you don’t want to go through the process of actually setting your phone back to the factory default, then hit any key to exit the bootloader without continuing. I needed to start it twice before I read the line correctly and verified that my phone said “1.17.HARD.” Excellent it worked ….

In part 2, I flash the cooked ROM!

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