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Upgrading the 3Volution ROM on my Dash 3G

January 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
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I’ve been running a custom ROM on my Dash 3G since its creator, Ookba, released it on XDA-Developers.com. I had been running his version 3VO.1.60.090209 since it was first released.

Since then a couple of supposedly improved versions have been released, and although the 090209 version had only one major flaw as far as my use was concerned (a weird bug where the ALT key didn’t function correctly when the SkyFire browser was launched from an e-mail link – it worked fine everywhere else) I thought I’d upgrade anyway to take advantage of any additional fixes Ookba built in.

I downloaded the latest version posted (3VO.2.50.112509) and installed it following the same procedure I used initially. The install worked flawlessly.

Although I initially had a problem where it seemed that the keyboard map was wrong and the SHIFT and ALT keys wouldn’t work, I believe that I had a corrupted download. Because I re-downloaded the file and flashed again and everything seemed to work.

So far, this release solved my major problem — the keyboard now works in Skyfire. I’m sure there are many more things to cover and I’ll write about them soon.

I just wish I could say the same thing for the ROM. The 112509 version had a major bug in it that left me dead in the water: It appears that the English keyboard maps are totally corrupted in this version and the SHIFT and ALT keys don’t work properly. And unlike before, where it only affected Skyfire, in this version they were broken everywhere. So the 3VO.2.50.112509 version was a total bust for me — and I cannot recommend that anyone use it — at least until the keyboard map issue is fixed.

For what it’s worth, I did switch the keyboard map and tried not only the stock Dash 3G map but a British version and the map for the Sprint Snap. Neither fixed the issue.

So – rather than rolling all the way back to the 3VO.1.60.090209 version, I rolled back to a version between that and the 3VO.2.50.112509 version. I am currently running the 3VO.2.00.101009 version. After 15 minutes of configuring my mail and getting my apps set back up it seems like a good successor to the 090209 version. There are some cosmetic changes to the START menu — I don’t know what else was supposedly fixed or tweaked. I’ll write about anything that comes up.

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