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A few weeks ago I wrote about how country people and city people do things differently. This weekend’s weather reminded me once again how true those words are.

We had a rare early-season Nor’easter that dumped record-breaking snow on much of New England.

Really?! This is BEFORE Halloween?

The big problem is that this snow was really heavy and wet, and most of the trees still have their leaves, so the storm snapped off millions of tree branches. There are power outages everywhere … by this afternoon (Sunday, 10/30/2011) the Boston Globe was reporting that 669,000 customers were without power.

We lost power around 6:45 pm on Saturday. It stayed off … for 10 seconds because my whole-house backup generator came on. But my generator has been running for 22+ hours now. My local town news website reports today that we can expect to have no power for the next four days. I may need to beg my propane company for an emergency refill, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. As of this morning I calculated that I had at least 50+ hours of generator runtime with my current propane supply. If I am careful about my use I can probably get 72 hours out of it.

But none of this is what made me think about the country people / city people thing. What got me thinking about it was this:

Can you see it in there ... yup, that's my car.

This was what greeted me this morning. My car under the top of an oak tree. Upon closer inspection there didn’t appear to be any real damage. The glass was intact at least. But it was certainly under there.

Here’s a view from the backside:

It's certainly under there alright...

And based on the reactions of a couple of neighbors, I realized this was the perfect symbol of my country/city comparison. Because I realized that when presented with these circumstances…

City people call their insurance company and get the phone book to try and find a tree cutting service for an emergency call. Country people get their 19 year-old chainsaw and just cut their damn car out. You don’t need to work at a chainsaw mill to need a chainsaw.

And that’s what I did …

About an hour's work.

Car Cut Out 2

Now I can open the door ...

And I owe it all to the fact that I am prepared and have the experience to run a chainsaw without killing myself. Above all I’d like to thank my Stihl 032 AVEQ, which is at least 19 years old.

Never failed me!

So which are you? A country person? Or useless …

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