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For some reason I’ve been thinking about sandwiches. Over the years I’ve had very few good ones. The kind with a balance of flavors. The kind with enough meat and not overloaded with lettuce and mayo. The kind made with decent bread.
Here are the best I can remember:

  1. A genuine Jimmy Buff’s double Italian hot dog. With peppers, onions, potatoes, and a touch of mustard. http://www.jimmybuff.com/display.php?page=home. Only available in New Jersey.
  2. The “Brookside Special” at Brookside Pizza in Concord, NH. Steak, pastrami, and sausage on a cheap roll with no vegetables to screw it up. Just meat and bread. http://www.brooksidepizza.com/pizza-Concord-nh-menu.php
  3. The Lobster Club at the Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven, MA. Lobster. Bacon. Homemade ciabatta bread. Perfect. http://watersidemarket.com/
  4. The BLATT wrap at In a Pickle Cafe in Waltham, MA. BLATT = Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, and smoked Turkey. I normally avoid wraps. For this one I make an exception. http://www.in-a-pickle.com/
  5. The Chinese BBQ Pork sandwich from the Bon Me food trucks in Boston. The bread is crispy, the pork is juicy, and the pickled vegetables have a perfect crispy tang. Excellent!
  6. The Cochinta Pibil at Tortas Frontera (locations in Chicago, including O’Hare Airport and one in Philadelphia). The salsa is good and spicy and the flavors are fresh. I get one on every trip through Chicago.

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