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I’ve been active in the Internet since the beginning. Over the years I’ve seen just about every joke, story, sound effect, and other humorous anecdote that’s circulated. 99% of which was utter crap. But there have been a few things that stand out and have passed the test of time. I’m trying to build an archive of them here.

Note, I don’t censor these at all, so these may not be suitable for playing in your cubicle.


demands – Years ago, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly had part of a routine where workers expressed demands. Over the years, I’ve used this sound effect to vent about all kinds of unreasonable management demands on employees. A truly memorable rant.

yamaha – Years ago (late 80s), motorcycle companies introduced 3-wheeled ATVs to America. Within a couple of years, drunk rednecks were killing and paralyzing themselves left and right by flipping these inherently unstable vehicles all over the place. One example was the Yamaha Tri-moto (here’s an ad from 1984). Someone made a great fake commercial for the tri-moto. Not sure of the original source — it mentions some place called Early’s Cycle Center and a place called Harrisonburg. Turns out there is an Early’s Cycle Center on route 42 near Harrisonburg, Virginia. So it obviously originated somewhere near there. Anyway, it’s still funny as hell.

bambulance – This is a true classic. A 9-1-1 call about a redneck driver who hits a deer, puts the supposedly dead animal in his car, and then has it come back to life. It’s been around so long that even has documented it. Apparently originalting in the 1970s, the story was even used as a fake 9-1-1 call to a real call center to train a new operator. Anyway — after hearing it close to 10 years ago, my friends and I still ask if we need a bambulance whenever someone gets hurt.

delta_airline_ebonics – This is audio that originally came from a radio show in 2004. I believe it was originally produced for the Chaz & AJ morning show on WPLR, (see 99.1 FM in New Haven Connecticut. Essentially, a Delta airlines commercial in jive or ebonics. Funny as hell. By now, this has been turned into YouTube videos and other formats — search for “Delta airlines ebonics” and have fun.


Terry Tate Series

Terry Tate – Office Linebacker

Back during the 2003 SuperBowl Reebock kicked off an ad campaign with this commercial. It was awesome! Man I wish Terry worked in my office sometimes. What makes it truly remarkable is some of the subtle references that made it into the final version that no one seemed to notice (or maybe they didn’t care if they did). For example, the company is named Felcher and Sons. Felcher … Come on, how did that make it past the corporate censors? This is the classic that spawned some awesome lines used around the office, like, “You kill the joe, you make some mo’. You know that, Baby!” And the classic, “The pain train’s coming! The pain train’s coming! Woo, woo!” It also managed to work in the infamous TPS report made famous by the movie Office Space.

This commercial spawned several more in Reebok’s online ad series including:

Draft Day

In this episode Terry gets a partner. But let’s just say, “mistakes were made.”

Sensitivity Training

If you didn’t believe that the ad agency which created the original threw in the Felcher reference on purpose, then explain how, in this episode, the HR consultant works for Sanchez (as in Dirty), Steamer (as in Cleveland), and Company.

Terry Goes on Vacation

In the final episode, Terry takes a vacation.

Pro Bowl

Terry did make a final appearance for ESPN promoting the Pro Bowl

Jules Winnfield – Hockey Coach

A few years ago ESPN put together this short movie and played it between periods of the NHL All Star game. Totally awesome. Gave rise to the new move, the Englewood Jack. One, drop the gloves. Two, catch the jersey. Three, over the head. Then — the Englewood Jack!

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    Very neat

  3. Reid
    June 22nd, 2017 at 09:51 | #3

    I first heard Delta Ebonics the night before I graduated college in 2001, so it at least goes back farther than your source. I called the station and begged them to play it again so I could get it on tape.

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