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T-Mobile bumps their entire 3G network up to 7.2Mbps, 21Mbps coming soon

January 5th, 2010 1 comment

T-Mobile might have been a bit late off the plate in rolling out their 3G network compared to the competition, but that gave them one small advantage: foresight. By the time T-Mobile started setting up towers, the world was already well aware that the same technology that powered their 3.1 Megabit per second 3G network could be bumped all the way up to 21 Mbps without drastic overhauls.

They’ve taken one step toward that today, kicking the speed dial up to 7.2Mbps across their entire network. They’re the first carrier to be able to claim a 100% rollout of the doubled speed — even if it is largely because their 3G network is a wee bit smaller than all of their competitors. Good news for all you speed demons: they’re looking to drive it from 7.2Mbps to 21Mbps by mid-2010, with tests already underway in Philadelphia.

[Via Phonescoop]

I found this on MobileCrunch this morning … looks like good news for us T-Mobile subscribers. And this comes on the same day that Google announced the Nexus One, which will use T-Mobile’s network, at least initially. Big day for the underdog carrier. And, according to press coverage on the Nexus One launch, Google promised that tethering will be coming to Android. Nice …

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